All about Chanel No 5

« A woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent”, that’s how Coco Chanel defined in few words her last creation in 1921. More than 50 years later, Chanel n°5 is still a best seller. Why ? How this fragrance became such an iconic perfume ?

Chanel just published Inside Chanel, a great video to explain all about the Chanel n°5 genesis.

I learned that Ernest Beaux, the fragrance expert who worked with Gabrielle Chanel went as far as the arctic circle in search of jasmine, sandalwood and orange blossom extracts. Together Coco and Beaux produced a concoction that borrowed from 80 different ingredients, a revolution given the common output of aromas that were exclusively rose, mimosa, violet or peony-based. The intermingling of multiple notes within a single bottle was unthinkable at the time !

I didn’t know, neither, that in 1945, the GIs were already rushing rue Cambon to buy a n°5 bottle for their fiancées !

The bottle evolution since 1921.


You can watch the video on the Inside Chanel site here.

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