Accessories : Why Are They So Essential !


Of course, you won’t buy a new cashmere coat every year or a new expensive dress ! Except of one or two cheaper pieces that you’ve get just for fun, your wardrobe is made of clothes that will last for a long time, that you will keep for several years. That’s why accessories are so important !

Each seasons, they can animate and modernize your wardrobe. They have the power to change the way you look with the same clothes. And if you invest in quality accessories, you can go for more affordable clothes. Nobody will notice ! But doing the opposite doesn’t work !

And last, but not least, they will definitely make your look more your own !


1/ Shoes: The number One!

Be very careful when you’ll choose your next pair or shoes. They have the power to give to people a lot of information about your style and attitude. A pair of shoes updated, in fake or cheap leather or in bad shape and it’s your whole outfit which will be judged as updated or too cheap. At the opposite, a nice pair of shoes (good leather, right color, no marks) and your Zara or H&M dress will shine like an expensive designer’s one !

Wearing nice shoes doesn’t mean you have to suffer in stilettos or high heels every days. Shoes can be nice AND comfortable. Ballerinas, loafers, derbies, sandals, booties or boots… you’ve got a wild choice.

I do love shoes (tell me who doesn’t ?). As you can see on my Pinterest board ;-)

Here are some of my favorite French brands :

Mellow Yellow, Atelier Mercadal, Free Lance, My Suelly, Mosquitos, Minelli, Repetto, Cosmoparis, Jonak, Chloe… You might also check : Comptoir des Cotonniers, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and Sandro which have also their own shoes collections.


The never do: wear a pair of shoes in white leather except for your wedding of course or if it’s a pair of sneakers! Beige nude or pale pink are OK, White : NO way !!


bags and shoes to dress like a Parisian

Kanako illustration from

2/Bags : The number One, also!

Shoes are very important, Bags are essentials too !!

Just like shoes, bags doesn’t stand mediocrity. A badly made bag in cheap imitation leather with a cheap gilding or a shapeless carryall will get you instantly as a person as no style at all. It worths to invest in a nice one : it will add stylishness to your outfit, either you’re dressing casually or not. If you can’t afford an expensive leather one, go for a nice fabric or a nylon one. I personally bought a black Marc Jacob’s one last year, made in leather and nylon. It was way less expensive than the leather one but it’s still beautiful ! You can even try to have a look in vintage or second hand shops. They do have nice models from the 40’s or 50’s which are still fashionable ! You can also check on They have a very good choice.


Don’t go necessarily on the “It bag” of the season (except if you just love it of course!). I would avoid these ones. Why ? Because a lot of women are going to buy exactly the same! (or a pale copy, but still looking the same…).

Some nice French brands I can recommand : My Suelly, Tila Marsh, Yvonne Yvonne, Jérome Dreyfuss, Nat et Nine, Upla (specialy their fabric and nylon bags). More classics : Le Tanneur, Goyard, Lonchamps, Lancel…and of course Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton… but you already know those ones, right!


The never do : Don’t try to match the exact color of your shoes with the color of your bag. This is old-fashioned and way too much ! And just as for shoes: avoid white leather (way too tacky). Pale colors are OK (specially for the summer) but keep white color for fabric bag only.


3/ Belts: At least 2!

Belts are nice to underline the waist. You need at least a large and a thin one: depending of what you’re wearing. A belt not only holds your pants or jeans up, it also complete the shape your are looking for. As for shoes (and bags) it’s necessary to avoid cheap or fake leather. It will never be chic and it can even be vulgar. If you can’t afford to invest in good leather, it’s better to opt for fabric or thick canvas instead.

The never do : wearing a designer belt with a big obvious logo name on it. Discretion is also a mark of style. You don’t want to claim : “Hey look I wear a xxx brand on me”. You are fashionable but you don’t want to become a fashion victim!




scarves to dress like a Parisian

illustration from Kanako

4/ Scarves: chose the right color for you!

A fashion designer used to call them : “the only makeup in the world that needs no remover”! I think he is perfectly right. If you chose it in the right color for your skin tone, it will enlighten your face and give some peps to your usual outfit, your dark coat or a classic jacket. Of course you need a warm one in the winter but you can also wear some cotton ones in the summer, just to light up a tee-shirt or a top!

And if you don’t know how to tie them, check out this new appli (for iPad and iPhone, only) : Hermes Silk Knots






To get warm in cold winter, I also love cowls. Here are a few that looks really nice.

Cowls to dress like a Parisian



5/Headbands: for the youngest!

I am not personally very found of headbands (my hairs are too short anyways) but they are coming back these days. I will let them for the youngest of you (says before 40/45…). Still, they can be fun for an evening. Quality here is also important : vintage pearls, plumes, plaited metal mesh feathers, leather… everything except plastic !!


The never do: mini-grips and colored knickknacks shaped like butterflies. Anything that means you just got out of bed or the shower! Keep them for the bathroom only!


 6/ Tights: dark will always be a good choice!

Tights to dress like a Parisian

Kanako illustration from

If you’re afraid of making an error of taste, chose a dark opaque color: black, navy blue or dark brown depending of the color of your outfit of course. Still you can play with colors if you feel like to. I also personally avoid the printed ones (specially the large motifs or drawings). But it depends of your legs. If they are long and thin…why not?

The never do: wearing sheer tights or nude beige one: it’s old fashioned and have a poor effect on your legs looking. It could even disadvantage it.


7/Hats-caps-bérets : try them first!

Never buy one of them on the Net. You have to try it first!

Hats are chic but be careful to chose one that won’t age you (unless you’re so young so that doesn’t matter!)

Sport caps are for teenagers only! Except when you’re playing golf, tennis or running…

Beanies or “berets” are not so easy to wear. You’ll try and see!

I like the beanies with a pompom (like the vintage ski ones!)

The thing you can do : match them to your gloves and scarf.


And you, what are your favorite accessories?

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