8 Links for a French Chic Summer

With the Summer holidays nearing, I become a little lazy… Still, I won’t leave before giving you good resources to read (or listen) during Summer time.


1/ First, why not chilling listening Chic & Frenchy, a web radio for good French songs?


2/ Have a look inside French Women’s apartments, visit her closets and get inspired or not :-)

French Women dressing

3/ Try some creative and fun French DIY with Make My Lemonade (in French or English version)


4/ Have a look on the « Pieces du Jour » de « Tendance de mode »


5/ Scroll inside one of the most famous blog in France

(It’s not one of my favorite, but it already has 574948 followers on Facebook…)


6/ I personally prefer Pauline fashion blog. She doesn’t size like a model, still, she is very cute!

French dressing

7/ You probably already heard about Garance Doré…   always a nice refreshment

French dressing garance-dore_1

8/ And last but not least, I made above a daily selection of clothes for a chic and easy going Summer time…



  Whish you some Great Vacations!!

For my part I am leaving for Algarve Coast (South of Portugal).

Please tell me where you’ve been



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