5 Tips to Get the Very Essence of French Alluring: Sexy… And Chic!


Sexy not vulgar

Chloe dress

Being sexy but not vulgar… who says it was easy ?… Here in France, we live in a country where female elegance is anything but ostentatious.

Does it help French women to stay chic even when they dress to look attractive?

Maybe…but simplicity and subtlety aren’t the only keys.

Here are 5 simple tips to feel sexy from your top to your fingertips without looking vulgar

1- Don’t be over bearing and play with contrasting style

It’s not because we ostensibly show our body that that we are sexier. It’s all in the art of suggestion.  Avoid the outfit that does too much. Do you want to yell to everyone “Hey look how I’m sexy!” or do you prefer that people noticed you because you’re really sexy (and they wonder why…).


Sexy?...hum, not quite

Sexy?…hum, not quite

More subtle and much more sexy!

More subtle and much more sexy!



Sexy not vulgar

Boots + bare leg + long dress: a perfect combination




Sexy not vulgar

Another way to be surprisingly sexy…



We all have strengths whatever our shapes are. Whether slender legs, a beautiful chest, a queen head carriage  or well-rounded buttocks.  Even if you have many strengths, never show up top and bottom in the same outfit.

If you choose to wear short, go for a round neck or collar style boat up. On the contrary, if you wear jeans or pants, dare to wear a deep neckline.

Sexy not vulgar

A sexy skirt with a sweater…even more sexy!

It’s a very simple trick and it works! By following this rule, you’ll have an outfit with a touch of sexiness, just a hint of what it takes for. The key is suggestion not the total show!


Sexy not vulgar

A short softly wear with a kimono: that works too!

If you wear a mini dress, forget the 12 cm heels…think about low boots or a pair of ballerina.

Be also careful with transparent clothes:  sometimes they reveal parts that we didn’t really meant to reveal!

Sexy not vulgar

Did you really plan to show this white bra?

2- Beware of materials and colors

When purchasing your basic wardrobe pieces or a little one more fancy, pay attention to materials and colors. Some materials found in large retail outlets  can look fake, cheap and be provided with bad colors.

A badly cut black piece rubbed off in the wash-worn together with other black pieces and black accessories, it is very common and not at all stylish or sexy.


3-Dress for the occasion:

There is always something ideal that you can wear for every occasion. A woman, who understands this, is able to dress appropriately and turn heads in admiration and not contempt! For example, if you are going for your child’s parents-teachers meeting, you cannot wear a cleavage show, body hugging dress; no matter how much sexy you think it makes you look. You will only look vulgar.

4. Maintain the balance:

Avoid too much ostentation in terms of the jewelry you wear, your makeup and even your clothes. If you are wearing a leopard print dress, do not match it with a pair of leopard print heels! Instead, wear something sober to match with it. If your dress is dull, you can add glam to it by wearing great jewelry and makeup. But if your dress is too flashy, keep your makeup minimal and avoid wearing too much of jewelry.

Another rule for makeup and jewelry is “focus on just one thing”:

– red lipstick or smoky eye, not both

Chose what you want to enlight: eyes or lips, not both at the same tims

Choose what you want to enlight: eyes or lips, not both at the same time

– stupendous necklace, beautiful earrings… but never all together at the same time

At the end, it is all about maintaining the right balance.


5-Think about your moves

Ever experienced the hugging above the knee pencil skirt that as soon as you started walking in the street turns into a very mini skirt under the buttocks… It can just ruin your evening.

Illustration Garance Doré

Illustration Garance Doré

Before going out, when you try on your outfit and your shoes don’t just stand in front of the mirror. Think about all the moves you would have to do with it: walk, sit on a chair, pick up something that just fall on the floor, dance and raise your arms, sit in a car… You don’t want to feel embarrassed by yourself do you?

That won’t definitively not be chic at all!








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  1. I have a fascination with the beauty and the simplicity of the French when it comes to fashion and makeup. One day while trying to find pictures for a date night outfit I ran across your blog, and I am now hooked on it. If I am stumped with what to wear I look here and always find an idea to help me out. Thank you. Your blog has helped me to define my own fashion sense.

    • Thank you Alisha, I’m so glad that helped you. That’s why I started this blog for: helping women to feel more confident!

  2. The black dresses you suggested are gorgeous. You definitely know what you’re talking about.

  3. Bonjour Cecile,
    Where can I get the black long sleeve dress with the LOW v-neck and ties at the wrist?

  4. Thank you for the advice. I find the black long- sleeved dress georgeus!! I am letting done the exact same dress at my sewer! :)

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