10 Tips on Choosing the Little Black Dress that Suits you



We all already know it : a little black dress is timeless and eternally stylish. It can be styled to fit any occasion : work, going out, special occasion… what so ever and most importantly is for ladies of all ages. But wearing a LBD is not The unique condition to look great. Contrary to many beliefs, black can only look slimming and flattering if catered to your right body type.

1/ If you are A body type (small shoulders and large hips) : you will prefer a trapeze or swing dress (like in the 60’s). Avoid straight forms that will mark the hips.

2/ If you are H body type (shoulders and hips of the same size with a non marked waist) : Go for a fluid straight form dress. It will nicely follow your bodyline.

3/ If you are a V body type (large shoulders, small hips) : Don’t choose a close collar dress. You’ll prefer an open collar to erase your shoulders and emphasise on your neck and chest. Avoid necklaces and choose instead long chains.

4/ If you are a O body type : You’ll choose a deep neckline dress and add accessories to eye-catch on the top of the body. Avoid fitted or too short dresses. Also lustrous, patterned or pleated fabrics won’t do. You’ll prefer fluid dresses with pure lines. To nicely finish your outfit, you can add on you LBD a slightly waisted three-quarter length jacket.

5/ If you have a large chest : A nice square-neck is preferred. This will open up the chest area and will draw the eyes downwards, making the waist appear smaller. Never go on a strapless dress. It will be very unconfortable and will squash and flatten your brest.

(Dress on Laredoute.com)



6/ For petite figures, you can opt for a sheath style dress. The clean, elongated shape creates a leaner appearance and an illusion of longer legs.

7/ If you have a slim waist : you can enhance it with a large belt.

8/ If you have nice legs : short dresses were made for you.

9/ If not : you’ll prefer one who stops before the knee or an even longer one. Never choose then a mid-calf-length dress. It will cut the legs shape and look rather unesthetic.

10/ If you wear your dress in the evening : black tights are essentials ! (day or night : never, never white, nude or flesh colored one !). You will also leave your usual purse for a clutch or a small evening bag.

If it’s a sequined dress, minimal jewellery is needed.
The strapless little black dress is a very sexy attire that leaves the neckline bare and allows for displaying of gorgeous neck pieces.

Beware : chunky neckpiece on a strapless dress with elaborate chandelier earrings is too much going on.

Through decades of transformation, we can now dress up or down the little black dress for any kind or caliber of occasion. Matching our black frocks with a statement necklace, opaque tights, and classic pumps, creates an immaculate, put together look, perfect for a cocktail party. Or, pairing it with a leather jacket, a blazer in contrasting color or a 3/4 jacket, and some riding boots, makes for a great girls night out.
►Here are some good exemples of different black dresses nicely accessoirized


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