10 Beauty Faux Pas

As with fashion, following the last trends without asking ourself if it’s the best for us, can be silly or worst : a real disaster…) Make-up it’s all a question of harmonizing with our natural physiognomy and complexion. Here’s 10 rules to folow if you don’t want to look like a « makeup victim ».

1/Make-up doesn’t match clothes. Make-up has to match with your hair, your carnation and your eye’s color. Whatever the clothes you’re wearing.

2/ No too much cover-up (as blush or foundation) will make you look ashen-faced

3/The same with eyeliner : too much of it will just kill your expression

4/No colored lip contours : Not attractive, especially if it’s darker than your lip color.

5/No sparkly, shimmery, glittery makeup : still t can be gorgeous d in fashion magazines. It’s just too much in the real life.

6/No mascara on the lower lashes : it accentuates dark circles under the eyes and harden your gaze. (cf. too much eyeliner)

7/No too much lip gloss : if it looks sticky, your mouth won’t be attractive.

8/ No overly plucked eyebrows : were’re not in the 40’s  anymore

9/No lips and eyes overdone at the same time. You have to chose : you want to focus on your lips OR on your eyes. In beauty makeup, you typically concentrate on one and downplay the other to create a natural balance.

10/ Don’t forget your skincare routine. Makeup don’t cover everything. With or without makeup, your skin should stay your best asset. No need to say how important it is to take care of it. Everyday.



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